If you're grieving - any kind of grief -

and deep down you're afraid that nothing and no one can help you

you're in the right place.


I'm Nicky, 


I've been there.

Not in the exact place you are because we all have different stories, but I was in a place where I'd lost my boyfriend and my mom in a 13 month period. 

I didn't think I'd ever feel normal (let along joyful) again. 

I felt desperately alone. 

Like no one really got it. 

And, unable to grieve authentically in a society that doesn't do grief very well. 


I avoided talking about it because my well-meaning friends always had unsolicited advice or a therapist suggestion.

The obligatory "I'm sorry" left me - and still leaves me - feeling awkward. 

And to make matters worse, I never really resonated with the grief support that was available.

I wanted wisdom. And truth.

And something good to come out of all my suffering.

I wanted to honour my loved ones by living my best life. By crossing things off my bucket-list. By living my most authentic truth.

I wanted to fully experience life. All of it. The good. The bad. And the ugly. 

Because, all this death stuff really made me get it -at least sometimes. 


Sound familiar? 

You are in the right place. 

I hear you. And I'm here for you. But I won't try to fix you. 

I don't think you are broken. 

I will hold space for you to feel your wholeness and re-discover your truest self. 

I will help you dwell more peacefully in the present moment - even though you're grieving.  

I do not promise you an instant cure or a pain-free process. 


But I can help you process and integrate your grief in a way that is gentle and supportive. 

And, if you ask, I can offer you simple actionable Yogic tools to give you relief starting today. 


I can help you sit with your grief with much more ease. So you can move through your pain in a gentler way. 

So that when pain comes up - and it will either way - you can be kind and compassionate with yourself. You can meet your pain with love. With softness. And with ease. 

And you can allow your pain the space and presence it needs to move through you -as it needs to. As many times as it needs to. 

And each time it does, you'll rediscover your essence.

You'll experience your truth. Your joy. Your most blissful self. 


As one of my clients put it:

I feel like I am physically lighter because my soul is lighter. I feel like my old self, but also a much deeper, cooler, more loving self too.
— Maggie Theisen, USA

This program is currently on hold while I navigate the beautiful (and rugged) terrain of new motherhood. If you'd like to know when it opens, please contact me.