Here are 3 simple shifts to open your heart. I often use these when I can feel myself closing off. This is a common reaction to stress (especially for those of us who have been hurt deeply in the past). 

Next time you find yourself feeling vulnerable notice your physical body.  We often close our hearts by rounding our shoulders forward, crossing our arms, or clenching our fists. Our bodies are intelligent and are protecting us from further pain. This is a beautiful thing. Remember to thank your body for keeping you safe. 

Then, gently shift your body.  Roll your shoulders back and down. Uncross your arms. And, open up the palms of your hands. 

You see, as we close our hearts physically, we in turn close our hearts emotionally.  By introducing even just one of these simple shifts you allow yourself a greater chance of both giving and receiving the beautiful experiences of an open heart like love, compassion, trust and forgiveness. 

Remember, even tiny shifts can create giant transformations.