I have been working to forgive on my own personal journey a lot in the past little while and wanted to share with you a practice that I find hugely powerful.

This forgiveness practice comes from ho’oponopono a ancient Hawaiian healing modality.

To Forgive is simple (although not always easy) and profoundly healing. 

  1. Write a list of all the people in your life you would like to forgive (please include yourself)
  2. Bring each person to your mind's eye (one by one)
  3. Allow whatever emotions arise to do so without judgement.
  4. Say: Thank you. I’m sorry. I forgive you (or please forgive me).  I love you. 
  5. Say this repetedly until the emotional charge dissipates.

I invite you to bring this into your life as a practice. Perhaps working with one person each day. You can start today...with yourself

Please remember, to forgive is not agreeing with another's behaviour (or letting them off the hook).  It is agreeing that you are ready to heal and release yourself (and let yourself off the hook). 

Note:  Please find a safe and comfortable place to complete the practice. I often invite clients to do this in Child's Pose as this position (if it feels good for you) helps to induce the relaxation response and a feeling of safety as this is the position we took in our mother's womb.