If You're Feeling Overwhelmed, Try This

simple healing tools May 08, 2018

Hi from Canada - eh! ;)

About a month ago we made a semi-spontaneous decision to spend the summer in my hometown on Vancouver Island. I've been homesick pretty much the entire time we've lived in Santa Barbara and a series of things came together to make it possible, so we just decided to go for it.

I'm beyond happy to be here and settle in for while.

That said, all the change has left me feeling a little overwhelmed and being 'home' has stirred some grief up to the surface.

Cue the grounding exercises.

When I notice myself feeling anxious, overwhelmed or unsettled, my go-to practice is grounding. With this, I’m always amazed at how simple it can be to bring myself back to center.

A few simple things to ground your energy:

  • Place your bare feet on the earth. I prefer the grass or sand but in a pinch, even the floor will do (as long as it’s done with intention). 
  • Go for a walk in nature. Pay particular attention to your feet as you take each step.
  • Take in some nature smells. You can do this outside or you can use essential oils such as lavender.
  • Lay your body on the earth (or at least on the floor). Close your eyes and with each exhale imagine yourself settling in.
  • Feel your bum in the chair or wherever your sitting.
  • Take a few deep breaths. Draw out the length of your exhale.

Instead of getting into how this all works, I invite you to choose one and give it try. Experience it in your own body. How does it feel for you? This is what’s important.

Be gentle on yourself. Be kind. Healing is a process. You’re doing a beautiful job.

Lots of Love,


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