Namaste from India!

I arrived here in India 3 days ago after the most epic journey which got me thinking. After my 33 hour travel day I had a sore neck.  If I was a client I would ask, "what is your body telling you?" And, offer the following contemplation. 

"Is there something in your life you are afraid to look at or say or express?"

Some might say, it was just the uncomfortable airplane seat. And, while that's true in part, there is always a lot more at play in this crazy universe of ours.

Everything is interconnected.

Every person, place, experience, etc can teach you a beautiful lesson if you allow it to.

The universe has your best interest at heart. It is constantly organizing itself around you in service to your healing.

For me, this means that, instead of brushing it off as the uncomfortable chair, I'm taking the time to reflect compassionately with a sense of curiosity (not judgement).

"Is there something in my life that I'm afraid to look at, say or express?"

Bringing in awareness is a powerful step in the healing process. How can you heal something if you don't know it's there?

I hear you universe ;)

Do you?

Do you carry any pain or tension in your physical body? Perhaps it's trying to get you to notice a deeper issue.  Your body (the universe in manifest form) is intelligent. I invite you to listen.

Here are a few simple questions contemplate from a place of deep compassion and curiosity. Observe yourself as if you were a scientist. Objective without judgement.

Simply the noticing itself can be deeply healing.

What is your body telling you? 

  • Feet, legs:  Is there anywhere in your life that you feel rigid or stuck? Where are you at in terms of stability?
  • Hips:  Do you have creativity that needs to be expressed?
  • Belly: Is there anywhere in your life that your feel powerless? Or too powerful?
  • Heart/Arms: Is there anywhere in your life you can bring in more love, compassion or forgiveness?
  • Back: Is there something in your life that you feel the need to put behind you? Do you feel supported by life?
  • Neck:  Is there something that you are afraid to look at, say or express?
  • Eyes: Is there something you are afraid to see?

I invite you to take action now as it is practice, more than time, that heals.  Notice if you are holding pain or tension in your physical body. What could this mean?

As always, be gentle on yourself. Be kind. Healing is a process. You are doing a beautiful job...