Who else needs better boundaries?

simple healing tools Dec 12, 2018

This morning one of the women in our community reached out to me. She is in deep grief this holiday season and finding it challenging to keep up with the usual expectations such as attending holiday parties and family gatherings. 

She hasn't yet responded to several invitations because she really wants to say no but doesn't know how. She wants to see the people who are inviting her but isn't feeling like a party - she wants to keep things quieter this year to honor where she's at. 

We chatted for a while back and forth and in the end we came up with a little script for saying no that felt right for her. 

I'm going to share it with you so you have something to go on if this pops up for you. 

"I'm so grateful that you invited me to your party. I'm looking forward to being with you in someway this holiday season. But this year, with all that's been going on, I am feeling really overwhelmed and having too many places to go feels like too much at this time. I love you and hope you can understand my need to take things easier this year. Perhaps we can set a date for a quiet tea (just us) in the next little while?" 

If you're honest and your kind you've done your job. How other's react is not your responsibility.  

Wishing you the courage to honor what's right for you this holiday season. 

With LOVE, 


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Receive tips, tools and inspiration to find inner peace - even when you're grieving.