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When I was 24 I was living the life of most 'twenty-somthings'.

I worked as a server while attending the University of Victoria and saved any extra to finance my ever-increasing travel bug.  

I was fun-loving, adventurous, and also slightly self sabotaging in my 'party girl' ways.

Sometimes when I look back at that girl, I wish I could tell her how lucky she was, to enjoy it while it lasts, or warn her what was about to come.

Sometimes she feels like a totally different person.  But, I know that she's a part of me.  

That was the year that everything changed...


On Christmas Eve, my thirty-one year old boyfriend was diagnosed with Liver Cancer.

That January, I dropped out of school to become his primary caregiver (along with his beautiful mother).

After six months of doctors, hospitals, surgeries, and alternative therapies, he lost his battle...

I felt like I lost mine.

That was the same year that my mom (who growing up was the text-book definition of 'soccer-mom') was thrown into a Costa Rican jail for overstaying her visa and having an expired passport.  The reason why?

My super-mom had become so severely addicted to alcohol and crack-cocaine that things like visas and passports didn't matter to her.

That year, I traveled to Costa Rica two times in a desperate attempt that there was something that I could do.  She was later deported.

A few months after she returned home, she drowned -it was most likely a suicide. 

My grief was overwhelming.

I felt like I was sinking and I knew in my heart that if I was going to get through this, I had to swim.  Hard.

So, having done late-night research on every type of alternative therapy imaginable in hopes of saving my boyfriend's life,

I started using what I learned to save my own.

I found that I resonated most with those therapies that had a basis in 'whole-person wellness' and those therapists who were the most down-to-earth.  Basically, I fell in love with more Eastern therapies  taught in a way that I could understand them given my Western world-view.

I returned to the University of Victoria and finished my Bachelor's of Education.  I even taught for a year at the BC International School in Cairo, Egypt.  It was there (way out of my usual routine) that I finally had to courage to act upon my secret dream to become a Yoga teacher. 

I wanted to teach what was in my heart. 

I enrolled in my first Yoga teacher training as soon as I returned home.

That was almost 10 years ago and since then I've taken several more advanced trainings including Yoga as Therapy and a three month stint at Shri Kali Ashram in India. 

My intention is always self-love first. And, how I can use what I learn to support my clients in the grieving process a very close second. 

To witness my clients re-connect with their true-self is of my greatest joys. 

I truly believe that if I can do it, so can you.

And, I can show you how...