The Lotus Collective 

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I'm in the process of creating a loving community of women who get it.

Who have been there in their own way and who have the courage to show up authentically for themselves - and for each other.

Our society is really bad grief. Really, really bad! And, I think this makes grief even harder than it already is. So I want to create a safe space for us to be - exactly as we are.  So that even though we often feel alone in this process, we can feel alone - together.

  • I envision, an online community were where can share stories of trials and triumphs.
  • I envision, talking with you one-on-one and hearing your stories. And sharing that conversion via video or audio to the group so that you can heal through sharing. And, others can heal through your words.
  • I envision, interviewing grief experts (who’ve been there) so you can allow their wisdom to seep into your experience.
  • I envision offering simple Yogic tools via audio and video so you can feel inner peace - even though you’re grieving.
  • I envision group coaching/Q&A via audio or video so you can be fully supported in what comes up each moment. 
  • And, I evision love. A whole lot of love.

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