FREE GUIDE: How to Get Through the Holidays with Grace - Even When You're Grieving


You can't meditate your way out of grief. 

But you can meditate your way through it. 

I'm here to show you how. 






FREE AUDIO: This simple practice will give you relief - starting today. 

Relax Your Whole Self

In this 40 minute gentle Yoga class, you will be lovingly guided to relax your whole self. When you relax yourself, you heal yourself.

The 4 A's of Healing

In this 12 minute meditation practice you'll be guided to bring in awareness, acknowledgement, allowance and acceptance to all layers of yourself as a gentle way to elicit deep healing.

Love Yourself

In this 30 minute gentle Yoga class you will be held in a safe space to surrender to self love. When you love yourself, you heal yourself.

Reclaim Your Joy

In this one hour Hatha Yoga class, you will be guided to gently but profoundly heal grief from the 5 layers of your body-being

Melt Into Gratitude

In this 52 minute gentle Yoga class, you will be guided to connect with the energy of Gratitude as a way to cultivate hope.



FREE AUDIO: The simple practice that will give you relief - starting today.