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Created for the specific needs of women grieving the loss of a loved one. 

"It has been hard for me to witness the intense emotions that come with my loss (I often want to avoid them) and your guidance was incredibly helpful in bringing me back home to my heart so that I can heal. "

Carly Lauder

"Nicky has a way of putting people at ease. "

Carolyne Taylor

"I have never felt more supported and understood. Thank you for the warmth, love and openness my heart now feels."

Lindsay Rose Turner

Hi. I'm Nicky,

I help women who have lost a loved one make peace with grief. 

As an internationally acclaimed Yoga teacher, writer, grief activist and motherless-widow, it’s my life’s mission to create a world where authentic grieving is okay.

I've been featured in MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha,, SheRecovers, and The Victoria Yoga Conference. 

I am the creator of the The Lotus Collective and have helped thousands of women worldwide to heal grief in the most holistic and self-loving way possible.

Rediscover yourSELF with this Meditation

  • You'll feel fully supported and like someone finally gets it. 

  • You'll leave feeling refreshed and peaceful so you can more easily take on your day. 

  • You'll get a sense of deep relief. 

I'll send your free relaxation meditation right now. 

Let me gently guide you to a state of inner peace. Grief is hard, that's why I made this simple. 


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